• Detainer | Getting Lifted

    Detainer | Getting Lifted I want to get my boyfriend’s detainer lifted. I keep getting all kinds of different answer from all the different lawyers with whom I have [...]
  • Anticipatory Gagnon Hearing

    Anticipatory Gagnon Hearing Can you move directly to a Gagnon II if you do not have a direct violation yet (the new case is still open)? If the answer is yes, why would you [...]
  • Waive My Preliminary Hearing

    Waive My Preliminary Hearing Should I waive my preliminary hearing? “To waive or not to waive? That is the question.” This is one of the hardest questions in [...]
  • Knock Out Game | Assault

    Knock Out Game | Assault What is the knock out game? Is it assault? If someone is convicted in a knock game case, will the fact that it is a knock out game case effect [...]

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