ARD Twice?

Can I get ARD a second time?

Admission to the ARD program lies in the sole discretion of the District Attorney’s office. Certain factors will automatically disqualify a person for ARD, such as a previous conviction or a recent ARD. If the prior ARD in this case was more than ten years old, the defendant would not be automatically disqualified.

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  1. Anonymous // at 5:11 pm // Reply

    In philadlphia county, can you get ARD a second time if you have already had it and it is greater then 10 years?

  2. The answer is that it is absolutely possible to get a second ARD, especially if there has been a time lapse of over a decade.

    The DA has complete discretion on the issue. In order to maximize your chances of a second ARD, an experienced lawyer needs to conduct a full and complete interview, focusing heavily on your background to pull out all possible mitigating factors.

    We at Hochberg, Levin & Zeiger have been successful in obtaining second chance ARD placements for our clients, but each situation is unique, and it is the particular facts and circumstances of the offense and the individual that drive the decision.

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