I want to drop the charges


I filed a complaint of domestic violence against my boyfriend who was on probation/parole at the time. After he got locked up, his back judge dropped a detainer on him now he is locked up. I want to drop the charges but the cops (or the district attorney) told me that I will get locked up for filing false reports. What should I do? Should I just plea guilty to filing false reports?

Tell the DA that you want to drop the charges and see what the DA says. If you are prosecuted for filing false reports you don’t have to plea guilty. If the original complaint was true, but you later decided that you didn’t want the Commonwealth to prosecute your boyfriend, what are you guilty of? You did not file a false report. Why would you plea guilty to something that you didn’t do? The DA may just be trying to scare you into testifying against your boyfriend. Be firm in your stance with the DA.

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