Do I have a criminal record for a juvenile act?

I got arrested as a kid for stealing a playboy from the local store. I had to go to court a lot. Do I have a record for this?

If you are under 18, and you get arrested your go to the Court of Common Pleas for a trial. The District Attorney’s office may offer you a Consent Decree. If you accept the Consent Decree and complete all of the requirements, you will not have a record.

If you are not offered a Consent Decree, you must find out what happened in the case. Either you were found not guilty, found guilty or plead guilty. If you were found not guilty, you have no record. If you were found guilty or plead guilty you have to look at a print out of the final disposition of the court to see if you were ever “adjudicated delinquent.” If so, you have a record. If not, no record.

This can get confusing. If you see the term deferred adjudication, comment on this post and I will respond to that specific issue.

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