Fighting Ex-es

My girlfriend’s ex showed up with his girlfriend. As they were leaving Dad wanted their kid to bring a newly earned trophy to Dad’s house. Mom said no. Lots of yelling. Lots of Screaming. Dad finally left with no trophy and punched a hole in the front screen. I called 911. The cops came and said no criminal act occurred. This seems wrong to me. What can I do?

The owner or renter of the property can go to the local judge and file a private criminal complaint. The only criminal act is criminal mischief for the hole in the door, and maybe disorderly conduct or harassment. There is no other criminal act. No assault because no one got hit or hurt. No trespass because when he went to the property he was allowed to go, it wasn’t until after he was there that there was an issue. No terroristic threats because he didn’t threaten anyone.

Why not talk to the kid with all parties in the room and tell the kid to put the trophy where ever he or she wants to put the trophy and that no one will ever get mad and he or she for choosing because everyone loves the kid. ITS THE KIDS TROPHY. Don’t make the kid feel bad. Kids hate it when mom and dad call the cops on each other–kids think its ‘their’ fault. Mom and dad sound like the children here. If I was the judge and I heard this, I would yell at both parents and order them to go to parenting classes or else I would hold them in contempt.

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