Heroin, Marijuana, Cocaine: Mandatory Minimum Sentences, Looking at years in jail?

How much weight is required to be subject to a PWID sentence for heroin, marijuana and cocaine?

In Pennsylvania you are only subject to a mandatory prison sentence for a drug conviction if you are convicted of distribution. Simple possession does not carry a mandatory prison term.

Heroin Mandatory Sentences: If you are convicted of distributing heroin and the amount in question is one gram or greater, you are subject to a mandatory 2-4 years in jail. If you have a prior conviction for drug dealing the sentence is enhanced and you receive 3-6 years in jail.

Cocaine Mandatory Sentences: The mandatory sentences for cocaine are similar to heroin but the weight of drugs required to have the mandatory sentence apply is greater. In order for a mandatory to apply to the distribution of cocaine the amount must be two grams or greater. For a first conviction the sentence is 1-2 years in jail with each subsequent conviction carrying 3-6 years at a minimum.

Marijuana Mandatory Sentences: Distribution of marijuana carries a mandatory sentence if the amount is two pounds or greater. For the first conviction the sentence is a year and for the second and subsequent convictions the sentence goes up to two years.

There are additional factors which can increase the mandatory sentences associated with drug distribution. For instance, there is an enhancement for dealing drugs in a school zone. Also, the above listed mandatories can go up dramatically for much larger amounts of drugs. The above is simply a list of the minimum thresholds for mandatory minimum sentences to apply in Pennsylvania.

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