Marijuana – First Arrest

Marijuana Plant Marijuana Plant

I’m from South Philly, I’m 19, and I got arrested on Thursday for smoking a joint. I’ve never been in trouble before. What’s going to happen to me?

First of all, DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY to anything. With first time offenders for small amounts of marijuana, the government will always offer you a small fine in exchange for a plea. Sometimes people jump at that because it means no jail and no probation. BUT, in Philadelphia, you can do better. If you get an attorney involved right away, who knows what he or she is doing, we will have a deal for no conviction worked out before you ever get near a judge. The greatest likelihood is that you will do about forty or fifty hours of community service and the government will withdraw the charges. A few months later, we will move to have the arrest record expunged and have all traces of your photo, fingerprints, etc…permanently removed from existence.

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