Paying bail when you have a detainer?


My husband has something called a detainer. What is it and will it help if I pay his bail?

If you are on probation or parole and get arrested the judge that originally sentenced you can lodge a detainer against you. The detainer holds you in custody until the open case is disposed of or the judge lifts the detainer. If a detainer has been lodged there is no point in paying the bail because it will not get you released. In fact you will lose time credit for the open case because it will no longer be a holding matter. The best thing to do if you have a detainer is hire a competent philadelphia criminal defense attorney who can schedule a detainer hearing and attempted to get it lifted. Many times if the judge will not lift the detainer he or she will still agree to release the defendant on house arrest pending the disposition of the open case.

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  1. My boyfriend was recently arrested and he recieved a bail. But there may be a chance that he has a detainer. How do I go about finding out if he has one before I pay his bail?

  2. Anonymous // at 8:35 pm // Reply

    my cousin has a probation violation that he was realeased from jail for.he is back on one county.In another county he faces charges.His bail has been set,but he remains in jail at the probation violation jail.Can his bail be paid to the county where the charges are pending?will he be released?Or does he have to wait,
    for the sheriffs to get him transfer him to the pending charges county,then make bail

  3. My boyfriend has been arrested for a robbery case with a gun. He is 16 years old, with a dentainer from a previous arrest. He's been held as an adult on this case in the Philadelphia prison system on state road. His bail was recently reduced from 500,000 to 10,000. If he makes bail his attorney said he will be transfered from adult prison to the youth study center for juveniles. Inmates that he is with have told him provided the bail is paid and he is transferred to the youth study center they will only hold him on a detainer for 30 days. I wanted to know how true that is ? Because since he is being tried as an adult he will have to wait several months for trial in the meantime we are doing whatever possible to get him home. Please answer, we are all very worried

  4. Brian Zeiger // at 8:59 pm // Reply

    @mollie, If the paid is paid, he will be transferred to the Youth Study Center. Whether he is released depends on different factors. If he was over 18, he most likely would be released, but at 16, it depends on the case and whether he owes that judge from juvenile court any time on the case.

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