Police Investigation

The cops came to my house because the neighbors complained that I was smoking weed in my house. They came to my house, came in without a warrant, warned me to stop toking-up on my jays. They did not confiscate any roaches. I was not arrested. Recently, I got a notice to appear in the district court and to appear for finger printing. Can they do this???

While the police probably need an arrest warrant to actually arrest you and bring you in for fingerprinting, they will simply get the warrant and arrest you. So what are you doing by not cooperating? You may be right that if you don’t cooperate nothing will happen to you, but if they are truly interested in arresting you they can make your case more difficult for you as it proceeds through the system.

Frankly, your bigger concern should be what will happen once you face the charges? My guess is that if they did not confiscate your roaches, then they can’t prove that you possessed any weed. If they say that you told them that you had smoked weed, they didn’t give you your miranda rights and you didn’t sign a statement.

You may not be charged with marijuana though. You might be charged with disorderly conduct or some other summary. I would contact the police and find out if you are going to be arrested or have already been charged with something and then ask them the charges. You have many defenses to this case. Feel free to email back more questions and/or follow-ups.

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