Rejected from ARD, First Arrest?

I just got picked up on CMOM (corruption of the morals of a minor). I have never been arrested before. The charge is a misdemeanor. I waived my preliminary hearing. I have been rejected for ARD (Accelerate Rehabilitative Disposition). Why didn’t I get ARD? What is “Rule to Show Cause?”

ARD is totally within the discretion of the District Attorney. You have no right for ARD. Usually, most counties offer ARD for most misdemeanor charges unless they involve philadelphia criminal defense attorney or philadelphia criminal defense attorney. If you think that you have been rejected from ARD unfairly or if you think you have been discriminated against in your rejection from ARD based on race, religion, gender, etc., you can complain to a judge about it.

The complainant is filed by a lawyer and it is call a “Rule to Show Cause.” When the Rule is filed a date is given where you can tell the judge that you think you should have gotten ARD and the DA must come into court and put on the record why you didn’t get ARD. You probably will still not get ARD, but you never know. Good Luck.

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