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I am often asked about misspellings in people’s names. If my name is misspelled, can that help me in my case? Can I get my case thrown our for this reason?

Stop it. If someone was homeless and psychotic and they killed someone, but then refused to tell the police their name, so the police entitled the person “John Doe,” should the homicide be thrown out? In other words, if there is a crime and a person is accused of that crime, should the misspelling have any effect on the prosecution of that crime? No, it should not. All a misspelling proves is that the cop who took the name down is either lazy, stupid, deaf, blind, or just made a simple mistake.

What does the word prejudiced mean?

A partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation. If you are prejudiced by something, it means that the something is going to screw you.

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  1. I strongly approve of the phrase “Stop It.” As you know, I have used that phrase in every criminal case I have ever tried. Most often, I pair it with the word “nonsense”.

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