Shoplifting and Drug Addiction

“I was shoplifting at Walmart. I was lifting some DVDs. This is my third time getting busted and I am on probation. How it happened was this lady sow me take the stuff,she called the store and loss prevention followed me around,is it legal that this lady called the stored and reported me.”

Yes, it is legal. A member of the public who sees a crime and alerts the police is generally seen as doing a good service for the community as is assists the police in arresting people who are breaking the law.

What is it that motivates you to shoplift? If it is a drug or alcohol addiction, I urge you to seek help in getting healthy again. That will not only benefit you health-wise but impress the judges. A judge who sees a drug user voluntarily enter into treatment is less likely to put that person in jail. Even if it is daily AA/NA meetings, please try to get help.

Good luck to you.

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