Preliminary Hearing

I have a preliminary hearing date set at a magisterial judicial district for several charges. What can happen to me.

If your bail has already been set, and you have no open warrants any where in the united states, probably nothing will happen to you when you go in front of the magistrate.
If your bail has not been set, you could get bail put on you which means that you will have to pay it or you will get locked up.
If you have an open warrant, you will get locked up and shipped to where ever the warrant is from.
Assuming none of this will happen. you will be at a preliminary hearing. One of two things can happen. You can either waiver your preliminary hearing or proceed with your preliminary hearing. Depending on the type of case, the situation may be right to waive not. you should speak to an attorney about waiving. From my experience, waiving is based on a combination of factors from the county to the charges to the defendant’s prior record.
After that, the judge will decide if your case should proceed to Common Pleas Court or get dismissed.
Good Luck and feel free to ask more questions.

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