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Our new site went live this morning. This site focuses on drug and narcotics law as they deal with Possession with the Intent to Deliver (PWID), Conspiracy, Forfeiture and the Return of Property, Bail Reductions – Nebbia Orders, Internet Drug Trafficking, International Drug Prosecution, The Law of Suppression and Pennsylvania’s Mandatory Sentences. This new site is intended to inform our clients of the basic types of prosecution for drug cases in Pennsylvania and in Federal Court.

A question we often get from our readers is what are the federal sentencing guidelines for specific types of offense. The federal sentencing guidelines are so complex that we decided not to display that information on the new site because a true review of the guidelines and the ramifications of different enhancements are so complex, that we felt as though we would confuse our readers. However, like always, if you have any questions at all in regard to your federal sentencing guidelines in regard to your federal prosecution, feel free to write us an email and we will be happy to try and answer.

As always, thank you all for your support.


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