Summary Convictions Can Now Be Expunged

summary offense summary offense

Governor Rendell signed the bill today. To all of my readers: if you have been convicted of a summary offense, paid all of your fines and costs, and been free of arrest for more than 5 years, you are now eligible to have the conviction expunged.

Also, based on my recent discussion with my contact at the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons, the time frame for pardon application review will now be reduced by 10%-20%. So, 12 to 14 months is now my time frame when asked.

By the way, in my opinion, this is a big deal to all Pennsylvanians. This legislation represents a major change in the law of expungements and pardons in Pennsylvania.

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  1. Anonymous // at 3:31 pm // Reply

    Dear sir,

    Have you pursued this route yet with any of your clients?

    I have a summary conviction for retail theft from 1996 and have been straight ever since. I plead guilty without consideration.

    I am so thankful that this Bill passed. Now that it has I am pursuing expungement with a local lawyer, but thought I’d seek out some further advice.

    It’s important to me that we maximize the likelihood that my record is cleared. Any suggestions? (e.g., Given that I am now a clean cut, upstanding father, would you recommend that I appear when the motion is presented to the County Judge?) It’s been quite sometime since my socially disobedient sophomore year.

    Thank you,

  2. Anonymous // at 1:18 am // Reply

    "free of arrest for 5 years"

    would this include only criminal convictions/arrests? or would an additional unrelated summary offense also count?

  3. hard to say whether a summary offense would count. i doubt a traffic ticket would prevent you, but a disorderly conduct might. i haven't had this come up yet, but i would love to try. my guess is that in philly it will be easier then everywhere else.

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