Summary Offense


I was in a friends cars in the rear passenger seat when she got pulled over for speeding. I had a bottle of beer in my hand at the time the cop approached the car. I got a summary. I the cop told me just to pay the fine and this will go away. I may apply to law school some day and i was wondering if this could pop up?

A summary offense is a conviction in Pennsylvania. If you plead guilty to a non-traffic offense, this is a criminal conviction and you will have a record. Under the new law, you may me able to get an expungement in at least five years, I would plead not guilty and go to the district justice and see if you can do some community service or something to make this go away.

As far as law school goes, the mere charge itself is something that you must disclose on the ‘character and fitness’ section of the bar application in PA even if it was expunged. Good Luck.

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