Citizens Arrest of a Cop

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I saw a cop roll through a stop sign then run a red light. I wanted to pull in front of the cop and block his ability to move his patrol car and call 911 on my cell so that I could give this guy a ticket citizens arrest style. Can I do this?

This is a unique question. The straight answer is that I have no idea if you can give a cop a citizens arrest traffic ticket, but I would not even think about doing this. I think you would get arrested or get your ass kicked for even trying to do this.

My kid used to go to a school that shared a building with a police station. There is one handicapped spot at the building. One day I saw an overweight officer park in the handicapped space and i wanted to say something to the officer. I was disgusted, but I didn’t say anything because I was scared of what would happen to me.

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  1. next time take out your cell fone and photograph or tape him. or keep a video camera in your car (thats what i do). dont be scared of pigs in situations like that.

  2. next time take out your cell fone and photograph or tape him. or keep a video camera in your car (thats what i do). dont be scared of pigs in situations like that.

  3. you have some serious issues, if you did that you would be arrested! trying to put a cop in hid place will end you up doing time, you need therapy, i thinks more then rolling through a red light, i think you got put in your place by an Officer and now you want revenge, you won't win, but here a win for you, go get therapy to work out your lack of self esteem and authority issues or maybe even more like a serious complex of you have!

  4. Anonymous // at 12:21 am // Reply

    am sorry to even think there are animals like you out there, are you dumb or what, i would love to see what would happen if you did that, you know what, io think you have some serious personal issues with authority, were you disrepected by a officer before and now you have a deep hatred for them, sounds like it! i think you have a problem with authority and your jelouos of cops because they have power you don't and come on do you really think you could pull over a cop car by placing your car in front of his, do you really think 911 would respect that, when the other offficer comes on the scene it would be your ass hes coming for, in the meantime the officer you stopped in front of would probably pull out his weapons and give you commands to get out your vehicle and if you refused, now your breaking the law that you think your trying to enforce, so when the other cop comes on the scene and he tells you to get out of the vehicle to explain, you'll then be taking into custody for refusing to listen to a direct order which is a felony, you have to understand every cop is giving powers that you don't have so they will always win you dumb fuck, you are fighting a no win situation, take a chill and stop thinking your someone who can tell a cop what to do, your just a stupid fuck and in time life will show you that!

  5. Brian J. Zeiger, Esquire // at 12:23 am // Reply

    People actually ask us these questions.

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