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  1. Anonymous // at 11:32 am // Reply

    my husband was just arrested for someone stating that a man named saleem white robbed her in broad day light on 4th st off jewlers row for her jewlery. mind you this happened last january, no accurate day and time. how is it legal to just assume this is the person who comitted the crime without investigating first? my husand is currenlty incarcerated.

  2. It's not too often a robber is nice enough to give his name, tell him not to do that anymore.

  3. Anonymous // at 1:52 am // Reply

    that's what is going on currently with my husband the only difference is the called victim didn't leave a name they identified the wrong person my husband was at Franklin mills when this so called robbery went down heb too is currently locked up

  4. Anonymous // at 12:12 pm // Reply

    can i help and file a motion to reconsider sentencing for my son to the judge because his public defender he cant get a hold of him and my son is in prison and dont have any stamps to mail a letter to the judge that sentence him to teach him a lesson because he know the guy thats blaming my son

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