Jury Service…Again

Why did I get called for jury service twice in the last two years and most of my friends have never been summoned?

Jury selection is completely random. Jurors names are pulled both from voter registration and from motor vehicle (PennDOT) records. So, some people are called frequently and some are never called in their lives.

I can tell you this. If you serve on a jury that is at least three days long, your name is taken out of rotation for a period of three years. If you are not put on a jury or you serve on a one or two day jury, your name is taken out of rotation for one year.

One other thought on your friend. If he or she is not a citizen or has ever been convicted of a philadelphia criminal defense lawyer punishable by more than one year, he or she is not eligible for jury service. That’s potentially a reason he or she is not called.

My final thought is this: Jury service is one of the most important duties a citizen has. The criminal and civil justice systems cannot function without juries. Most people find that, once they serve on a jury, the experience is extremely rewarding.

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