Expungement Update Redeaux

Yesterday I wrote about the expungement update in Pennsylvania at . However, I want to change the example I gave. In yesterday’s example I said that if you completed and assignment from a Magisterial Judge and the case was thrown out you would not have to wait the five year period to have it expunged. While this is correct, that answer was the same before the law changed.

Under the new law, if you were found GUILTY of a summary offense relating to illegal alcohol consumption, transportation, or purchase under 18 Pa.C.S. ยง 6308, you could now get it expunged without the waiting period of five years. (underaged drinking)

Remember, the waiting period of five years on summaries is ONLY for GUILTY convictions, not for withdrawns, discharges, and not guiltys, where there is no waiting period. Sorry for the confusion.

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