Gun in the House, convicted felon, gun not mine. Help!

I am a convicted felon. I do not have a gun. I understand that I am not allowed to possess a gun because it is illegal under 6105. My wife owns a gun. I want to know, can she bring the gun in the house and store it in the house if I am living there?

No. Keep the gun out of the house. Regardless of the case law, if the cops say that you are anywhere near the gun, or that you have any thing to do with the gun at all, regardless of the type of possession, it is VUFA 6105, if the cops can articulate facts that show that you were in any type of legal possession of the gun. The sentencing guidelines on 6105 are atrocious, so DO NOT live in any house where there is a gun. Move, separate, divorce, just stay away from guns.

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