Lying Witness

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I am being charge with a crime. I am going to trial before a jury. The only witnesses are three cops. They are all liars. If they continue to lie at the trial, can the judge throw out the case before it gets to the jury?

Not really. The purpose of a jury trial if for the jurors to decide who is lying or not lying. Your job, or your lawyers job is to convince the jury that the cops are liars. The DA’s job is to convince the jury that the cops are telling the truth. That is the whole purpose of the jury system.

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  1. the purpose of the jury is to tell if people are truthful. they are the trier of fact.

  2. Remember, judges don't decide facts unless a defendant allows the judge to decide a fact by waiving his right to a jury trial. Ultimately, the jury decides the facts, not the judge.

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