Public Urination Disorderly Conduct

I was pissing in the parking lot of a sporting event and a liquor control board (lcb) officer gave me a ticket for disorderly conduct–its a summary offense. I wasn’t doing anything wrong; I was quite discrete about the whole thing. This is NOT in Philadelphia County. How do I beat this?

On the ticket plea not guilty and ask for a hearing. Appear at the hearing and see if the LCB officer appears. If the officer does not appear, the case will get continued or discharged. If the officer appears, tell your story to the judge and apologize for your behavior.

If it was in Philadelphia, you should get night court. If you have a night court question, write a comment to this post and I will respond with an answer.

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  1. Anonymous // at 12:21 pm // Reply

    I received a public urination in Philadelphia and have to go to night court. Do I need a lawyer for this? Or will this just be a fine? The ticket did not check off disorderly conduct but rather "Other" Urinating in public.

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