What is the pardon process in PA after the application?

What is the pardon process in PA after the application?

After the application is submitted, the applicant waits to hear if they will get a hearing. If the hearing is granted, the applicant goes to a public hearing in Harrisburg, PA. The hearing is held in public before the PA board of pardons. The board consists of five members, the lieutenant governor, the state attorney general, a corrections expert, a victim expert, and a psychologist.

Once at the hearing, the board calls each pardon applicant to the podium. Each applicant gives a recitation of their conviction. The board then questions the applicant. After the questioning, the applicant may call witnesses and/or have their lawyer speak on their behalf. The maximum amount of time per applicant is fifteen minutes in total.

After all of the applicants have completed their presentation, the board takes a quick recess.

After the break, the secretary holds a public vote. Each member of the board gives their vote aloud. If the board votes for you, your application goes to the governor for the pardon.

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