Minimums & Maximums

I was convicted of Aggravated Assault and given a sentence of eleven and a half to twenty three. I will be at my minimum next week. Will I get paroled on my minimum date?

If your sentence is one day less then one to two years, the judge who sentenced you controls your parole. If you received a sentence of one to two or more, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections controls your parole.

In your question, your parole is controlled by the judge who sentenced you. Each county and each judge have their methods and thoughts regarding parole. Many factors play into the judges’ decisions regarding parole at the minimum. There is no way to gauge a particular judge’s decisions regarding parole. Some factors may be: what the person has done with the their time, whether the prison is over crowed, the defendants role in the underlying case, reports from the prison, completed programs in prison, etc.

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