What is a Redaction?

redaction redaction

I would like to get a redaction; can you explain a redaction to me?

If at the time of your arrest you were charged with multiple crimes, but were only convicted of some of those crimes, you can ask the court to expunge those crimes for which you were not convicted, but leave the crimes for which you were convicted on your record. This is called a redaction.

For example, you are arrested for Aggravated Assault F1, Simple Assault M2, and Disorderly Conduct S. You were only convicted of the Disorderly Conduct summary offense, and the conviction happened nine months ago. When you go to apply for a job the felony and misdemeanor keep popping up even though you were not convicted of those crimes.

With a redaction, we have the Assault charges expunged from your record while leaving the summary offense on your record.

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