State Detainers


I got picked up for possession of a small amount of marijuana and was released without any bail. I was on state parole at the time. I went to check in with my parole officer from the street and got locked up on the spot. I was taken to the local county jail. I was given an administrative hearing. A state detainer was lodged. I was shipped to SCI Graterford. I was not brought down for my small amount of marijuana case and the computer shows that I have bench warrant for not appearing. It seems like I will have this detainer until I max out because I will never be able to get my bench warrant lifted and fight my open case. What can I do, HELP!

You must call your lawyer immediately and have them contact the county court that issued the bench warrant and have your case listed for trial as soon as possible. Then your lawyer should send a letter to the district attorney’s office and request that they prepare an order for your bring down so that you are present at the next listing. The order for a bring down is not absolutely necessary as Graterford has daily bring downs for many of the local counties, but I would do it anyway.

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