Early Termination of Probation or Parole

I would like to have my probation or parole terminated early. I need help.

I received a sentence of ten years reporting probation for stealing a car and possession with the intent to deliver. At the time of my arrest I was getting high almost everyday. I never really had any real trouble in my life at that point, but the bail in that case was too high for my family to pay, so I stayed in jail for about ninety days until I plead and got the ten years of probation.

The time in jail scared me straight, and I never used again. I have been clean since the date of my arrest.

Its eight years later, I have paid all of my fines and costs, never had a probation violation, graduated from college, and was offered a great job in another state. However, I can’t take the job because I have two years of probation remaining. What can I do to take the job?

Your lawyer can file a petition for early termination of probation or parole with the original sentencing judge. A hearing may be granted and at the hearing you can tell the judge about everything you mentioned about and the judge has the power to terminate the probation.

The judge will consider the length of the probation, how much of your probation has passed, your entire prior record, violations, dirty urine, paid fines and costs, what you have been doing with your life, and why you are asking the probation terminated.

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