Summary Offenses and Expungements

expungements expungements

I was accused of simple assault and disorderly conduct. The simple assault was a misdemeanor and the disorderly conduct was a summary. I went to trial with a judge. I was found guilty of the summary and not guilty of the misdemeanor. I understand that I have to wait five years until I can get a summary expungement, but can I get the misdemeanor expunged now?

Yes. In some counties its called an expungement; in other counties its called a redaction. Also, in some counties the district attorneys fight vigorously against it and in other counties, they have no problem with it at all. In some counties the district attorney only fights it when the person is still under supervision for the other charges.

We do many of these every year and we treat them like any other expungement. They are important when you are originally charged with very serious felonies, but later only convicted of misdemeanors or summaries. You don’t want an employer or a school to see felonies when you were never convicted of any felonies.

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