Cost to Get a Detainer Lifted


My husband has a detainer and I want to get it lifted. How much does it cost to get a detainer lifted?

In general, you cannot “pay” to have the detainer lifted. However, there are two scenarios where you will need money to get the detainer lifted.

Sometimes at the Gagnon I hearing the judge or commissioner conducting the hearing may say that they will lift the detainer pending the payment of some fine/cost/restitution from the back case. If this is so, you will need pay that amount to get the detainer lifted.

Second, if the detainer is not lifted at the Gagnon I hearing, but the Gagnon II isn’t happening yet because he has a new open case, you may have to hire a lawyer to attempt to the get the detainer lifted. Sometimes, the public defender or a court appointed lawyer may tell you that you have no chance of getting the detainer lifted for various reasons. However, for whatever reason, you disagree and you want to take a shot to get it lifted regardless of their advice. If this is the scenario, you can hire a lawyer just for the purpose of getting the detainer lifted and doing a detainer hearing in front of the judge herself who put the detainer on your husband. This hearing is still a Gagnon I hearing. To hire a lawyer for this hearing,your will need to pay the lawyer.


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