Special Probation


I was sentenced to 2-4 years plus 5 years special probation. I did three years. I met my state parole officer and reported as scheduled. I walked off my 1 year of parole. I am now on my special probation. I went to report for the special probation and I was told that my special probation tail was transferred to Philadelphia County Probation Department. I went there to report and no one has any file for me. I have called and called and I have gone by there about 12 times. I don’t want to get a bench warrant. What should I do?

I agree that you should be somewhat concerned about your situation. I think you should contact your old state parole officer and ask him or her for some help. Something is wrong. If you pick up a new case, the Pennsylvania Board of Probation or Parole could attempt to violate you on your special probation.

If the state parole office won’t help you, I would hire a lawyer to go before your back judge and file some type of motion to bring clarity to your situation. You do not want any uncertainty with a state probation tail.

Special Probation
Special Probation


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