Murder by Poison

To +Brian Zeiger, I read the lottery winner from Illinois who won $475,000 from a scratch-off died from cyanide poisoning. The police have ruled his death a homicide. How can they rule the death murder by poison without more evidence?

Police and district attorney’s office can say whatever they want. The question is what can they prove. They can charge someone with killing Kennedy, it doesn’t mean they are going to get a conviction. In the case of the Illinois lottery winner, they haven’t CHARGED anyone with murder by poison. They have an open investigation and can keep investigating, but unless they can show some person has some type of link to the murder, they can’t charge anyone. Cyanide poisoning is very rare. Cyanide is very hard to get. Also, if you eat too many almonds and/or lima beans, your body could have a reaction similar to cyanide poisoning, where all the tests will come up positive for the poison.

If they can track all the cyanide sales in the area, and they can link that to anyone he knew or knew circumstantially, that would be a the most useful fact for me.

Until someone is charged, murder by poison is just a theory.

Murder by Poison
Murder by Poison

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