Gun Crimes | Are Words Alone Enough?

Gun Crimes | Are Words Alone Enough?

I was arrested for a gun crime in Philadelphia county. It’s listed as VUFA 6106 6108 6105. No gun was recovered. The police officer who arrested me says he saw me with a gun and saw me discard the gun. Are words alone enough to convict me?

The simple answer is: yes. Words alone are enough for a conviction in Pennsylvania. The bigger question is not whether you want to fight the case but whether you want a jury trial or a bench trial (judge alone)? In general in a words alone case where the words alone are from a police officer, you should pick a jury. However, in some counties (Philadelphia being one), there are judges I would advise to do a bench trial in a words alone gun case. It really depends on the knowledge and experience of your Philadelphia criminal defense attorney.

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