Detainer | Getting Lifted

Detainer | Getting Lifted

I want to get my boyfriend’s detainer lifted. I keep getting all kinds of different answer from all the different lawyers with whom I have spoken. Why are there so many different answers?

In order to get your detainer lifted, the lawyer has to go in front of the back judge who holds the detainer against your boyfriend. If you are unfamiliar with the system, the way it works is that your boyfriend was on probation or parole and picked up a new arrest. The original sentencing judge for whom he is on probation or parole is the judge who holds the detainer. This is not always the case because judges retire or get transferred to another department, but in general the sentencing judge has the detainer.

The lawyer you hire to get the detainer lifted should have an opinion on their own ability to appear before that judge and get the detainer lifted. Each lawyer with whom you speak may have a different view of each judge and their relationship with each judge is different.

Therefore every lawyer you speak should have a different view of every judge and their own ability to get the detainer lifted, which is why you keep getting different answers. Click here to learn more about detainers.

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