Summary Offenses

Summary Offenses and Expungements


I was accused of simple assault and disorderly conduct. The simple assault was a misdemeanor and the disorderly conduct was a summary. I went to trial with a judge. I was [...]

Summary Offenses and Jury Trials


I have been accused of a summary offense and I want a jury trial. Do citizens have rights to jury trials in summary offenses? You are only entitled to a jury trial if you are [...]

Summary Offense


I have a summary offense. Will it show up in a criminal record check? Is it a crime? Can I get it expunged? If I can get it expunged, what are the rules? Summaries are [...]

Summary Expungement Problems


I was convicted of a summary offense in 1990. The conviction is my only contact with the law as an adult or a juvenile anywhere in the United States of America. I do not have [...]

Public Urination Disorderly Conduct

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I was pissing in the parking lot of a sporting event and a liquor control board (lcb) officer gave me a ticket for disorderly conduct–its a summary offense. I [...]